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Dogs welcome on a leash! Bring your own saw, or borrow ours!

Our Products

Cut Your Own Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are grown with an environmental conscience, allowing them to mature in a very natural environment. We use very low impact farming methods including the use of grazing sheep, mowing and trimming of vegetation by hand as much as possible. We only use herbicides if necessary and only when the trees are young and cannot compete for resources from other vegetation. Insect control is done only on an as-needed basis with the safest effective methods. On our farm, you will find trees that are very traditional and wild, to those with a more refined shape and dense foliage. Harvesting your own tree is a great family tradition and a great way to get out and enjoy the winter season. We currently offer Norway spruce, white spruce and Scotch pine.

Pre-Cut Balsam Firs

We have been offering pre-harvested Balsam firs for several years in a variety of heights. We work very closely with our supplier to get the freshest trees which are not shipped to us until just days before we open. Balsam fir trees are very traditional in Canada as they are a native species which has a very desirable shape and offers very good needle retention.

Fresh Green Wreaths

Our hand made wreaths are crafted from Norway spruce and balsam fir greens and assembled right here on the farm. We collect cones from our own tree stands and near by local sources. A fresh wreath will last 4 to 5 weeks when hung in a cool area. We not recommend hanging a wreath indoors in order to maximize fresh longevity. Consider calling ahead to ensure availability or to place an order.

Hand Painted Gourds

We grow, dry, paint and assemble our very own unique painted gourd ornaments. Gourds come in many shapes and inspire endless design ideas. We have designed some favorites and every year we usually have some new favorites! These ornaments last for many years and the best part is, they are not made of plastic or fragile glass and are completely compostable! Some people have used a dozen of these as a theme on their tree or just like to pick up a couple of special ones each year.