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Dogs welcome on a leash! Bring your own saw, or borrow ours!

17 Dec 2015

Fresh Load of Balsam Firs

We just had a fresh load of Balsam Firs come in today! They were just cut today so it doesn't get much fresher than that. They are in the 6 - 9 foot range. Some really nice ones!

Beautifully Decorated Spruce from Potash Creek Farms

Wow, what a beautiful spruce tree from Potash Creek Farms! These photos were sent by a recent customer and we are happy to share them!

11 Dec 2015

The Sheep Are Back!

We are excited to have our sheep (lawn mowers) back! These are the start of our permanent flock here on the farm. Bravo (the sheep dog) is happy to have some friends again...

3 Dec 2015

2015 Tree Donation to the Town Of Omemee

We are very proud to announce our donation of the town Christmas tree for Omemee! This tree was donated through the Omemee Lions Club. We are glad to be part of this tradition and for many years to come. Can't wait to see it decorated on Saturday!

22 foot Norway Spruce - Loading up by the Omemee Lions Club