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Dogs welcome on a leash! Bring your own saw, or borrow ours!

17 Dec 2014

A Misty Afternoon

What a great shot shared by a recent visitor!

9 Dec 2014

Yes, we do have some big trees!

Some people just need a big tree! Here's an 18 foot Norway spruce. Good thing we tied the branches back from the windshield.

5 Dec 2014

3 Weekends Left! Do you need a hat?

Only 3 weekends left to get your fresh Christmas tree at Potash Creek Farms! Last weekend was busy but we have lots of trees left. Cut your own natural spruce tree or check out our amazing pines. We also have fresh precut Balsam firs and they look great. Some of the firs are over 9 feet!

If you are in need of a new hat or a gift idea, take a look at these:

We will have many of these great hand crocheted hats for you to choose from from Catherine's Creations in the Cozy Shack store.

25 Nov 2014

Opening Weekend!

Opening weekend is this weekend! It's a bit early, but not too early to get your fresh Christmas tree. The weather is looking pretty good - not too cold, not too wet and hopefully some of that good 'ol white stuff ;) Take a look at our hours and price pages for more information.

We would also like to announce a special addition to our farm this year... two Shropshire sheep! These fluffy ladies are here to help us take care of the trees by mowing the grass so we can continue to offer you sustainably grown Christmas trees. Feel free to take a picture with the sheep and ask us any questions about this method of Christmas tree farming.

30 Oct 2014

Preparations for 2014 Holiday Season

We are very busy preparing for the upcoming 2014 Christmas season. We are excited to announce that this will be the first year we are offering to sell some trees we have grown ourselves from seedlings we planted in 2008! These trees are Scotch pine and we will still be offering our traditional Norway and white spruce trees. We will also have pre-cut tree so there will be lots to choose from.

Share us on Facebook or give us tweet. More information will be posted in the coming weeks. See our Hours and Prices page for 2014 updates.