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Dogs welcome on a leash! Bring your own saw, or borrow ours!

27 Nov 2011

We Found a Beauty!!!

So we went out today and found our Christmas tree. What a beauty! It was raining out but today was the day and we headed out in search of the perfect tree. We found our tree at the back of the property and it didn't take long. It is about 8 foot tall... a white spruce.

We are very busy getting ready for opening weekend, which is Dec 3rd. Only six days away!

I expanded some trails today and we are going to have the tractor ready to haul your trees in this year. That is, if you choose to. Of course, you are always welcomed to haul it in yourself but we understand that not everyone is up to it. Especailly if you get one at the back of the field and there is two feet of snow! Just let us know and we will pick it up while you sip on some hot chocalate!

17 Nov 2011

Christmas is only 37 more sleeps away!

Time to plan for what weekend to choose and cut your tree before that schedule fills right up. We are busy getting ready for this season and the upcoming Santa Shuffle in Lindsay, Ontario! It's going to be so much fun... lets hope for great weather, especially snow! Snow would just top it off.... See the Events page for more details.

By the looks of our Christmas Tree Tradition survey, real trees are the most popular choice of our visitors at 54% of the vote. If you have never had a real tree, now is the time to make a change. There are many debates out there of fake versus a real tree but what I know is that nothing smells and looks quite like the real thing. Plus, you are making a choice to have something that absorbed carbon dioxides for 8 years or more as opposed to a fake tree that only produced more of it. The other great thing is to see how fallow farm land is transformed into a new environment, providing housing for all kinds of birds and animals. Why not make the switch? There is so much gratification in the whole experience of finding the perfect tree, harvesting it and setting it up in your home. Ask anyone who's tradition is a real tree and they wouldn't trade it for anything!

Here are some tips about harvesting a tree at our farm:

1. Bring you own saw if you like, or we will lend one to you! Some people even have "the traditional tree saw"!

2. Consider bringing a sled. Good for tired toddler or it might help pull the tree back to the car!

3. Bring tie downs/rope to secure your tree safely to your vehicle. We don't mind helping to load, but securing it is your responsibility ;)

4. You can bring your dog, as long as it behaves! Your dog is your responsibility and it must be friendly to other people, dogs and of course children.

5. Dress warm and wear suitable footwear. Paths to the field are cleared and sanded but winter can be slippery so please be careful!

Don't forget to pick up a wreath too (or two!). Hang one on each door or above windows for a very traditional look.

Looking forward to seeing new faces and those returning!

6 Nov 2011


Welcome to Potash Creek Farms! We are a cut your own Christmas tree farm in Omemee, Ontario. Please visit our other pages for information about our other products.

Below are a few images of our farm. Enjoy!